What does scope mean?

scope meaning in General Dictionary

the state of the environment which a predicament is present

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  • a place for which anything functions or runs or features power or control:
  • a magnifier of pictures of distant objects
  • digital gear that provides visual images of varying electric amounts
  • A combining kind often signifying a musical instrument for viewing with all the attention or observing in any way such as microscope telescope altoscope anemoscope
  • That of which one intends the one thing or end to which the mind directs its view what is purposed become achieved or carried out hence ultimate design aim or purpose intention drift item
  • That at which one aims; the fact or end that your head directs its view; whatever is purposed is reached or accomplished; for this reason, ultimate design, aim, or function; purpose; drift; object.
  • Room or window of opportunity for no-cost outlook or aim; area for activity; amplitude of chance; no-cost training course or vent; freedom; range of view, intent, or activity.
  • extensive location.
  • Length; degree; sweep; as, range of cable.
  • to consider for the intended purpose of assessment; usually with out; since, to scope out the area as a camping web site.

scope meaning in Law Dictionary

See range of work. Most of the jobs needed so that you can finish a project, through the contract, work and completing the job.

scope meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"extent," 1530s, "room to do something," from Italian scopo "aim, purpose, item, thing geared towards, level, target," from Latin scopus, from Greek skopos "aim, target, object of interest; watcher, a person who watches" from metathesized form of PIE *spek-yo-, from root *spek- "to see or watch" (cognates: Sanskrit spasati "views;" Avestan spasyeiti "spies;" Greek skopein "behold, look, consider," skeptesthai "to consider;" Latin specere "to check out;" Old large German spehhon "to spy," German sp

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  • "instrument for watching," 1872, abstracted from telescope, microscope, etc., from Greek skopein "to look" (see scope (n.1)). Early in the day made use of as a shortening of horoscope (c.1600).
  • "to see," 1807, through the source of range (n.2). Relevant: Scoped; scoping.

scope meaning in Business Dictionary

Sum of all specific jobs comprising a contract, work, system, or project. See also scope of work.

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Sentence Examples with the word scope

A Jesuit father, John Bolland, was appointed to carry on the project, and was sent to Antwerp. He continued to amass material, and extended the scope of the work.

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