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tropical United states morning glory

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  • resin from the cause of Convolvulus scammonia
  • twining plant of Asia Minor having cream-colored to purple flowers and lengthy dense roots yielding a cathartic resin
  • A species of bindweed or Convolvulus C Scammonia
  • A species of bindweed or Convolvulus (C. Scammonia).
  • An inspissated sap gotten from base of the Convolvulus Scammonia, of a blackish gray shade, a nauseous odor like compared to old cheese, and a somewhat acrid style. Its used in medicine as a cathartic.

Sentence Examples with the word scammony

Several members of the order are used medicinally for the strong purging properties of the milky juice (latex) which they contain; scammony is the dried latex from the underground stem of Convolvulus Scarnmonia, a native of the Levant, while jalap is the product of the tubercles of Exogonium Purga, a native of Mexico.

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