What does sample mean?

sample meaning in General Dictionary

simply take an example of

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  • all or element of an all natural object that's gathered and maintained as an example of their course
  • things chosen randomly from a populace and familiar with test hypotheses in regards to the populace
  • a small element of some thing meant as representative associated with entire
  • Example design
  • In order to make or show similar to to complement
  • sample; structure.
  • an integral part of everything provided for inspection, or shown as evidence of the standard of the complete; a specimen; as, products tend to be bought by samples.
  • to produce or show something similar to; to complement.
  • To simply take or to test a sample or samples of; as, to test sugar, teas, wools, cloths.

sample meaning in Law Dictionary

specimen; a small quantity of any product, provided for assessment or evaluation as proof the grade of the complete; as a sample of cloth or of wheat

sample meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "something verifies a proposition or declaration," from Anglo-French saumple, a shortening of Old French essample, from Latin exemplum "an example" (see instance). Meaning "tiny volume (of something) that the general high quality (of this whole) can be inferred" (usually in a commercial sense) is recorded from early 15c.; feeling of "specimen for clinical sampling" is from 1878. As an adjective from 1820.

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  • "to test if you take a sample," 1767, from sample (letter.). Earlier in the day "become a match for" (1590s). Associated: Sampled; sampling.

sample meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Advertising: organizations or findings randomly chosen to portray the behavior and traits of this whole team (group, group, populace, or universe) they have been connected with or from where these are typically drawn. See additionally statistical test. 2. Sales: Item provided or sold to a buyer that signifies all these types of products pertaining to a bargain, provide, cargo, or exchange. An example establishes a regular of high quality in which other things tend to be evaluated, and may even produce an implied warranty that they can conform to this standard usually the producer or supplier might be held liable. Also referred to as product sales test.

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sample meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

an example is an electronic digital representation of an analog sign. Both electronic video and electronic audio recordings are made using samples. The standard of the test is dependent upon the sampling price, or the little bit price the signal is sampled at. What we see and hear in the real-world is in analog format (our anatomies process analog information). Computer systems, having said that, can just only understand electronic information. Consequently, sound and video indicators should be transformed into an electronic format to become saved on a computer or conserved to a CD or DVD. The transformed data is known as a sample. The term "test" is actually used to make reference to short sound videos employed for playing back noises. As an example, a violin sound or a bird chirp might be sampled and played straight back from a digital keyboard (or synthesizer). However, examples can refer to complete songs or movies, because the information is theoretically one lengthy sample. To learn more about just how samples are created, see the definition of sampling, the process of recording and generating digital samples.

Sentence Examples with the word sample

The ordinary method of adding resin consists in stirring it in small fragments into the fatty soap in the stage of clear-boiling; but a better result is obtained by separately preparing a fatty soap and the resin soap, and combining the two in the pan after the underlye has been salted out and removed from the fatty soap. The compound then receives its strengthening boil, after which it is fitted by boiling with added water or weak lye, continuing the boil till by examination of a sample the proper consistency has been reached.

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