What does salvage mean?

salvage meaning in General Dictionary

save from harm, destruction, or harm

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  • collect discarded material
  • residential property or goods saved from damage or destruction
  • the act of preserving products or property that have been at risk of harm or destruction
  • the act of rescuing a ship or its staff or its cargo from a shipwreck or a fire
  • The act of conserving a vessel products or life from perils of sea
  • Savage
  • The act of preserving a vessel, goods, or life, from perils of the sea.
  • The settlement allowed to individuals just who voluntarily aid in conserving a ship or the woman cargo from peril.
  • That area of the home that survives the danger and is saved.
  • Savage.

salvage meaning in Legal Dictionary

1) v. to save lots of items. 2) n. payment to an individual or group which saves cargo from a shipwreck.

salvage meaning in Insurance Dictionary

(1) home after it was partly damaged by an insured danger such as a fire. (2) As a verb, to save jeopardized property and to protect damaged home from further loss.

salvage meaning in Law Dictionary

Sturm v. Boker, 150 U. S. 312, 14 Sup. Ct. DO, 37 L. Ed. 1003: Haskins v. I)ern, 19 Utah, 89, 56 Pac. 953; Hickman v. Skimp, 109 Pa. 16.

salvage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, "payment for conserving a ship from wreck or capture," from French salvage (15c.), from Old French salver "to save" (see conserve (v.)). The overall sense of "the preserving of property from danger" is attested from 1878. Indicating "recycling of waste materials" is from 1918, from the Uk effort in World War I.

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  • 1889, from salvage (n.). Relevant: Salvaged; salvaging.

salvage meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Recovering or preserving abandoned, condemned, damaged, deteriorated, discarded, partial, obsoleted, or worn property for recycling, refabrication, restoration, reuse, or scrapping. 2. Property who has worth over its price as a scrap, it is not useful for its intended or original purpose.

Sentence Examples with the word salvage

It might well be implied that payments compulsorily required from the assured by law for contributions to G.A., or as salvage for services by salvors, will be undertaken or repaid by the underwriter, the service being for his benefit.

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