What does repeater mean?

repeater meaning in General Dictionary

a person who repeats

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  • someone who is continuously arrested for unlawful behavior (especially for the same criminal behavior)
  • a firearm that will fire several rounds without reloading
  • (electronics) electronic device that amplifies an indication before transmitting it once again
  • One who or whatever repeats
  • One who, or whatever, repeats.
  • a wristwatch with a striking apparatus which, upon pressure of a spring, will suggest the full time, frequently in hours and quarters.
  • A repeating firearm.
  • a guitar for resending a telegraphic messageu000du000a automatically at an intermediate point.
  • an individual who votes more often than once at an election.
  • identify Circulating decimal, under Decimal.
  • A pennant familiar with show that a certain flag in a hoist of sign is replicated.

repeater meaning in Law Dictionary

1) In digital interaction methods, a repeater is a tool that receives a digital sign on an electromagnetic or optical transmission method and regenerates the sign across the next knee for the medium. In electromagnetic media, repeaters overcome the attenuation caused by free-space electromagnetic-field divergence or cable reduction. A few repeaters make feasible the expansion of an indication over a distance.

repeater meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, broker noun from repeat (v.). As a kind of firearm from 1849; as "a frequent offender" from 1868.

repeater meaning in Business Dictionary

Analog device installed at regular periods along a cable or microwave oven connect to raise the quality and strength of analog indicators (simply because they decay over length).

repeater meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A repeater is an object that increases a signal's energy, therefore it are sent and obtained over a better length without a loss in quality. The unit are generally combined with companies to help the lines operating between community devices get to farther locations.

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repeater meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

A repeater is an electric unit that relays a transmitted signal. It obtains a sign on a particular regularity, after that amplifies and rebroadcasts it. By amplifying the signal, a repeater boosts the transmission array of the initial signal.u000du000aRepeaters have numerous applications, but in processing they have been mostly utilized in wireless networks. For example, a Wi-Fi community in a large home may reap the benefits of making use of one or more repeaters to relay the signal to different areas of the house. Homes having stone walls or cement flooring might also benefit from having a repeater relay the signal round the hurdle. Organizations usually utilize a few repeaters to create an individual cordless community within a sizable building.u000du000aWhile repeaters all provide the exact same purpose, they show up in lots of types. Some cordless products, known as "range extenders" are created to be used particularly as repeaters. Other devices, including hubs, switches, and routers could all be configured as repeaters making use of an application energy or web user interface that manages the wireless product.u000du000aNOTE: Since repeaters only relay an incoming signal, utilizing a router as a repeater cannot take advantage of its alert routing capacity. Consequently, it make more good sense to make use of a range extender as a repeater if at all possible.u000du000a

repeater meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Person who, or whatever, repeats.

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  • (letter.) A watch with a striking device which, upon stress of a spring, will indicate the time, typically in hours and quarters.
  • (n.) A repeating firearm.
  • (n.) A guitar for resending a telegraphic message immediately at an intermediate point.
  • (n.) Someone who votes more than once at an election.
  • (letter.) A pennant familiar with suggest that a certain flag in a hoist of signal is duplicated.

Sentence Examples with the word repeater

Thus the speed on a line at which the repeater is situated exactly midway will be four times that of the line worked direct.

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