What does recognition mean?

recognition meaning in General Dictionary

their state or top-notch becoming acknowledged or acknowledged

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  • (biology) the capability of just one molecule to add to some other molecule that a complementary shape
  • endorsement
  • the explicit and formal acknowledgement of a government or for the nationwide freedom of a country
  • an acceptance (by a claim) as real and good
  • coming to comprehend some thing demonstrably and distinctly
  • the process of acknowledging something or some body by recalling
  • designation because of the seat granting one the ability to speak in a deliberative human anatomy
  • The work of recognizing or the condition of being recognized acknowledgment formal avowal knowledge admitted or avowed notice
  • The work of acknowledging, or the state of being acknowledged; acknowledgment; formal avowal; knowledge admitted or avowed; notice.

recognition meaning in Law Dictionary

Ratification; verification ; an acknowledgment that some thing done-by another person within one's name had an individual's authority. An inquiry conducted by a chosen body of males, maybe not sitting within the court, to the details in dispute in a case at legislation; these "recognitors" preceded the jurymen of mod- ern times, and reported their recognition or decision into court Stim. Legislation Gloss.

recognition meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "knowledge of a meeting or event; comprehension," from Middle French recognition (15c.) and directly from Latin recognitionem (nominative recognitio) "a reviewing, examination, evaluation," noun of activity from previous participle stem of recognoscere "to recognize, know once more; examine" (see recognize). Feeling of "formal avowal of real information and approval" is from 1590s; particularly acknowledgement for the independence of a country by a situation previously exercising sovereignty (1824). Meaning "a knowing again" is from 1798.

recognition meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Acknowledgment, cognizance, or verification associated with particulars (amount, quantity, qualification, dimensions, timing, validity, etc.) of an event, object, person, sensation, or right, before its acceptance, addition, or recording. 2. Bookkeeping: Incorporation or recording regarding the financial aftereffects of a business transaction into publications of account or economic statements.

recognition meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. re + cognitio, knowledge) The knowledge of an object along with the understanding your exact same object has been previously understood. Recognition may, but need-not be, effected by a comparison of a memory picture with recurring items. See Familiarity, Feeling of; Memory. -- L.W.

recognition meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of acknowledging, and/or condition of being acknowledged; acknowledgment; formal avowal; understanding admitted or avowed; notice.

Sentence Examples with the word recognition

The annuity payable to the pope has, for instance, been made subject to quinquennial prescription, so that in the event of tardy recognition of the law the Vatican could at no time claim payment of more than five years annuity with interest.

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