What does quiescence mean?

quiescence meaning in General Dictionary

circumstances of peaceful (but perhaps temporary) inaction

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  • peaceful and sedentary restfulness
  • their state or quality of becoming quiescent
  • Alt. of Quiescency

quiescence meaning in Medical Dictionary

Inactivity, quietness. In cells, quiescence is the state of maybe not dividing. In neurons (neurological cells), quiescence could be the condition of maybe not firing.

quiescence meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, from Latin quiescentia, from quiescere (see quiescent).

quiescence meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Quiescency

Sentence Examples with the word quiescence

After its long quiescence under the Arsacids native art underwent a general renaissance, which, though not aspiring to the Achaemenian creations, was still of no small importance.

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