What does quad mean?

quad meaning in General Dictionary

among four kids born at the same time from the same maternity

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  • a muscle of this thigh that extends the leg
  • (publishing) a block of kind without an elevated letter; useful for spacing between words or sentences
  • a rectangular location surrounded on all sides by structures
  • Evil bad baffling as a quade wind
  • A quadrat
  • A quadrangle hence a prison
  • Alt. of Quade
  • A quadrat.
  • A quadrangle; hence, a prison.

quad meaning in Law Dictionary

1. An area that may accomodate four individuals. 2. This relates to a unit of electricity which have a quadrillion or 1015 BTUs. It'll endure around 293 terra watt hours for powering electrical items.

quad meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1820 as a shortening of quadrangle (n.) within the building feeling (in this situation "quadrangle of a college," Oxford student slang); 1880 as short for quadrat (letter.); 1896 as quadruplet (n.), initially "bicycle for four bikers;" later "one of four younger at one delivery" (1951, of armadillos); 1970 as quadraphonic (adj.). Related: Quads.

quad meaning in Sports Dictionary

A jump which have four revolutions. (recreation: Figure Skating)

quad meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Accommodation for four people (quadruple occupancy). 2. Unit of energy add up to a quadrillion (1015) Btu or about 293 terawatt hours (TWh).

quad - German to English

all-terrain car

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  • quad bicycle

quad meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Quade

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  • (n.) A quadrat.
  • (n.) A quadrangle; thus, a prison.

Sentence Examples with the word quad

Now, supposing the forme to be dealt with consists of thirty-two pages to be printed on quad crown paper, measuring 40X30 in., on a suitable size of single cylinder machine of the Wharfedale class, it would be found, although both the machine and type were fairly new (that is, not much worn), that there was some amount of inequality in the impression given to the whole sheet.

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