What does purchase mean?

purchase meaning in General Dictionary

one thing obtained by acquisition

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  • obtain by buy; acquire in the form of a financial deal
  • the technical advantage attained by being capable of utilize a lever
  • a means of applying impact or gaining benefit
  • the purchase of one thing for payment
  • To pursue and acquire to get by wanting to get obtain or get
  • to place forth work to have almost anything to make an effort to exert ones self
  • The work of pursuing getting or obtaining anything
  • To pursue and get; to obtain by pursuing; to gain, acquire, or get.
  • to get by paying cash or its comparable; to buy for a cost; as, to get land, or a property.
  • to have by any outlay, since labor, risk, or sacrifice, etc.; because, to shop for favor with flattery.
  • To expiate by an excellent or forfeit.
  • to obtain by any means except descent or inheritance.
  • purchasing for a price.
  • to use to (something) a tool for acquiring a mechanical advantage; to get a purchase upon, or use a buy to; because, to shop for a cannon.
  • To put forth effort to obtain such a thing; to aim; to exert one's self.
  • To acquire wealth or property.
  • The act of searching for, getting, or getting anything.
  • The work of seeking and acquiring residential property.
  • The acquisition of name to, or properly in, everything for a price; buying for money or its equivalent.
  • whatever is obtained, got, or acquired, in every manner, really or dishonestly; residential property; ownership; purchase.
  • That which is gotten for a price in money or its equivalent.
  • Any technical hold, or benefit, placed on the raising or the removal of of heavy bodies, since by a lever, a tackle, capstan, and so on; in addition, the apparatus, tackle, or unit by which the benefit is gained.
  • purchase of places or tenements by various other means than lineage or inheritance, namely, by a person's very own work or agreement.

purchase meaning in Law Dictionary

The word "purchase" is used in-law in contradistinction to "descent," and implies any kind of mode of acquiring genuine property than by the typical length of in- heritance. But it is also much found in its even more restricted vernacular feeling, (compared to buying for a sum of income,) particularly in contemporary law literature; and this is universally its application to your case of chattels. See Stamm v. Bostwick, 122 N. T. 48, 25 N. E. 233, 9 L. R. A. 597; Hall v. Hall, 81 N. Y. 134; Berger v. US Steel Corp.. 03 N. J. Eq. 809, 53 Atl. 08; Falley v. Gribling, 128 Ind. 110, 20 N. E. 794; Chambers v. St. Louis, 29 Mo. 574.

purchase meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "acquire, get; get, accept; procure, supply," also "accomplish or result in; instigate; cause, contrive, plot; recruit, employ," from Anglo-French buyer "go after," Old French porchacier "find, procure; buy; aim at, shoot for, pursue excitedly" (11c., contemporary French pourchasser), from pur- "forth" (perhaps utilized right here as a rigorous prefix; see pur-) + Old French chacier "run after, to hunt, chase" (see chase (v.)). Originally to get or receive as because of in any way, including through quality or suffering; particular sense of "acquire for the money, pay cash for, get" is from mid-14c., though the word always been used for "for by conquest in war, obtain as booty" as much as 17c. Associated: Purchased; buying.

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  • c.1300, purchas, "acquisition, gain;" additionally, "anything acquired or received, a possession; property, goods;" particularly "booty, spoil; items gained by pillage or burglary" (which will make acquisition was "to seize by robbery"). Also "mercenary soldier, one who battles for booty." From Anglo-French purchace, Old French porchaz "acquisition, gain, revenue; seizing, plunder; search goal, effort," from Anglo-French purchaser, Old French porchacier (see acquisition (v.)). From early 14c. as "endeavor, work, effort; instigation, contrivance;" belated 14c. as "act of obtaining, procurement." Meaning "what is bought" is from 1580s. The sense of "hold or position for advantageously applying energy" (1711) is extended from the nautical verb meaning "to carry or draw (especially by mechanical energy)," usually found in reference to hauling up anchors, attested from 1560s. Wif of buy (very early 14c.) had been a term for "concubine."

purchase meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Purchase an item or service. 2. Something or solution that is purchased by someone or company.

purchase meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

an acquisition defines any full payment for an item or service.

Sentence Examples with the word purchase

This law provided for the establishment of a commission of ten, empowered to purchase land in Italy for distribution amongst the poorer citizens and for the foundation of colonies.

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