What does publicist mean?

publicist meaning in General Dictionary

someone who publicizes

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  • an author regarding regulations of nature and countries one that is versed within the research of public right the concepts of government etc
  • A writer on laws of nature and countries; person who is versed in the science of community right, the axioms of federal government, etc.

publicist meaning in Law Dictionary

One versed in, or composing upon, public law, the research and principles of federal government, or intercontinental law.

publicist meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1792, "person discovered in public areas legislation and/or legislation of countries," from general public (adj.) + -ist. In addition from 1795 in English as "writer on existing subjects," from French publiciste; in any case a hybrid. After that crept in the "loose" consumption. Anyone just who blogged or talked about community affairs came to be dubbed a publicist. It was only a concern of the time once the dam will give means additionally the term flow everywhere and start to become meant to cover every kind of skill, or not enough it. ["The World," Nov. 22, 1917] Meaning "press broker" is from 1925 (promotion agent attested by 1900); publicitor also had been attempted inside feeling.

Sentence Examples with the word publicist

As a publicist he stood in the forefront of reform.

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