What does public utility mean?

public utility meaning in General Dictionary

a company that carries out a public service; subject to government legislation

public utility meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. any organization which offers services to the average man or woman, even though it could be independently possessed. Public resources feature electric, fuel, telephone, water and television cable systems, including streetcar and coach lines. These are typically permitted certain monopoly rights as a result of useful need certainly to service entire geographic places with one system, however they are managed by condition, county and/or city public-utility commissions under state rules.

public utility meaning in Economics Dictionary

a company supplying crucial services towards the public, eg liquid, electricity and postal services, often concerning components of ALL-NATURAL MONOPOLY. Food is really important, but since it is provided in an aggressive market, meals OFFER isn't frequently considered to be a public energy. Because community utilities have some MONOPOLY energy, they are typically at the mercy of some REGULATION by GOVERNMENT, such as for instance PRICE settings and maybe an obligation to produce their particular services to every person, even to those that cannot manage to spend an industry cost (the universal service obligation). Public resources tend to be had because of the condition, even though this has become less common because of PRIVATISATION.

public utility meaning in Law Dictionary

The provider of something to the public such transportation, enertgy, telecommunications, waste disposal, or liquid and any other general public goods and services.

Sentence Examples with the word public utility

Colbert, seeing the public utility of such a periodical, ordered the abbe Gallois, a contributor of De Sallo's, to re-establish it, an event which took place on the 4th of January 1666.

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