What does providential mean?

providential meaning in General Dictionary

regarding or characteristic of providence

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  • caused by divine providence
  • peculiarly lucky or proper; like by divine intervention
  • Effected by or referable to divine path or superintendence as the providential contrivance of thing a providential escape
  • Effected by, or referable to, divine direction or superintendence; since, the providential contrivance of thing; a providential escape.

providential meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "pertaining to foresifght" (suggested in providentially); 1640s as "pertaining to divine providence," from Latin providentia (see providence) + -al (1). Indicating "by divine interposition" is recorded from 1719.

Sentence Examples with the word providential

The supernatural element that is prominent in the Old Testament is God's providential guidance and guardianship of His people, and His teaching and training of them by His prophets.

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