What does prototype mean?

prototype meaning in General Dictionary

a regular or typical instance

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  • a genuine or model and any such thing is copied the structure of anything to be etched or elsewhere copied cast or the like a primary form exemplar archetype
  • an authentic or model after which any such thing is copied; the pattern of almost anything to be engraved, or otherwise copied, cast, or perhaps the like; a primary form; exemplar; archetype.

prototype meaning in Law Dictionary

this might be a model of this last product which has the capacity to do eveything that finished item does. Generally built to show potential sponsors an item and all sorts of of their advantages without moving in to complete make of this product.

prototype meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from French prototype (16c.) and right from Medieval Latin prototypus "original, ancient," from Greek prototypon "a first or ancient kind," noun usage of neuter single of prototypos "original, primitive," from protos "first" (see proto-) + typos "impression, mold, pattern" (see type (letter.)). In English from 1590s as prototypon.

prototype meaning in Business Dictionary

Pre-production style of something, engineered for full service test. Modifications centered on test outcomes are incorporated to the prototype which undergoes equivalent tests once more. On attaining the desired outcomes, the item is authorized for volume manufacturing.

prototype meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

an early on form of a product which includes not already been made or introduced. a prototype enables engineers or any other testers to try the item before it is stated in size or introduced to the public. Prototypes tend to be another action that may be taken up to help verify no problems exist with the product.

Sentence Examples with the word prototype

Chap. 9, to) He is the prototype of the world and the energizing principle (LSia Kai Evipyeca) of things.

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