What does proscribe mean?

proscribe meaning in General Dictionary

command against

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  • To doom to destruction to put from the security of legislation to outlaw to exile as Sylla and Marius proscribed each other people adherents
  • To doom to destruction; to put out from the defense of legislation; to outlaw; to exile; because, Sylla and Marius proscribed each various other's adherents.
  • To denounce and condemn; to interdict; to prohibit; as, the Puritans proscribed theaters.

proscribe meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., "write before, prefix," from Latin proscribere "publish written down" (actually "write in-front of"), including sensory faculties of "publish as having forfeited one's residential property, condemn, outlaw prior to the globe," from pro- "before" (see pro-) + scribere "to publish" (see script (letter.)). Indicating "prohibit as wrong or dangerous" very first taped 1620s.

Sentence Examples with the word proscribe

Delegates from Allegheny, Westmoreland, Washington and Fayette counties met here on the 7th of September 1791, and passed resolutions severely denouncing the excise tax; and a similarly constituted gathering, on the 24th of August 1792, voted to proscribe all persons who assisted in the enforcement of laws taxing the manufacture of liquor.

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