What does promotion mean?

promotion meaning in General Dictionary

reassurance associated with progress or growth or acceptance of something

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  • a note released in part of some product or cause or concept or individual or institution
  • the advancement of some enterprise
  • act of raising in rank or position
  • The work of advertising advancing or motivating the work of exalting in rank or honor additionally the condition of being advanced level encouraged or exalted in honor preferment

promotion meaning in Law Dictionary

found in advertising to highlight something and promote it on public by marketing publicity. It's an approach to increase product sales in a particular group since it is publicised and promoted a lot more than various other products.

promotion meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "advancement in ranking or place," from Old French promocion "election, promotion" (14c., Modern French advertising) and directly from Latin promotionem (nominative promotio) "a moving ahead," noun of activity from past participle stem of promovere (see promote). Meaning "advertising, promotion" very first recorded 1925.

promotion meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Advertising and marketing: The advancement of an item, idea, or standpoint through promotion and/or marketing. See also product sales marketing. 2. Human Resources: The development of a worker's place in the company.

promotion - French to English


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  • special offer

promotion - German to English

award of a doctorate [Ph.D]

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  • graduation
  • doctoral researches {pl}
  • doctorate
  • graduation service [PhD]
  • marketing

Sentence Examples with the word promotion

Thus the promotion of the interests of the capital and the centralization of the public and commercial life of the country have formed an integral part of the policy of the state since the restoration of the constitution.

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