What does presence mean?

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a hidden spiritual being thought becoming close by

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  • the state to be present; current existence
  • the instant distance of somebody or something
  • dignified manner or perform
  • the effect that anything is present
  • the act of being current
  • The state of being current or of being within sight or call or in front of you opposed to absence
  • hawaii of being current, or to be within sight or telephone call, or available; -- opposed to absence.
  • the area in which one is current; the section of space within an individual's ken, call, influence, etc.; community with no input of whatever forbids intercourse.
  • particularly, area toward person of one of exceptional of exalted ranking; in addition, presence chamber.
  • The whole of the private characteristics of someone; individual; personality; especially, the person of a superior, as a sovereign.
  • An assembly, specially of individual of rank or nobility; noble business.
  • Port, mien; air; private appearence.

presence meaning in Law Dictionary

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presence meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "fact to be current," from Old French presence (12c., Modern French pr

presence - French to English

existence of mind

Sentence Examples with the word presence

Peripatus is an Arthropod, as shown by (1) the presence of appendages modified as jaws; (2) the presence of paired lateral ostia perforating the wall of heart and putting its cavity in communication with the pericardium; (3) the presence of a vascular body cavity and pericardium (haemocoelic body cavity); (4) absence of a Derivisceral section of the coelom.

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