What does praiseworthy mean?

praiseworthy meaning in General Dictionary

worth high praise

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  • Worthy of compliments or applause commendable as praiseworthy activity he was praiseworthy
  • Worthy of praise or applause; commendable; since, praiseworthy activity; he was praiseworthy.

praiseworthy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from praise (v.) + worthy. Typically hyphenated until mid-19c. Related: Praiseworthiness.

Sentence Examples with the word praiseworthy

The suppression of the Jesuits bulks so large in the pontificate of Clement that he has scarcely been given due credit for his praiseworthy attempt to reduce the burdens of taxation and to reform the financial administration, nor for his liberal encouragement of art and learning, of which the museum Pio-Clementino is a lasting monument.

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