What does portrait mean?

portrait meaning in General Dictionary

a word image of a person's look and character

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  • any likeness of someone, in virtually any medium
  • The likeness of you coated attracted or etched commonly a representation of personal face coated from real world
  • To portray to draw
  • The likeness of you, coated, drawn, or engraved; frequently, a representation for the man face coated from actual life.
  • thus, any graphic or vivid delineation or information of one; since, a portrait in words.
  • To portray; to attract.

portrait meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, "a figure, attracted or coated," a back formation from portraiture or right from Middle French portrait, from Old French portret (13c.), noun utilization of past participle of portraire "to color, depict" (see portray). Specially of the head and face of people.

portrait - French to English

full-length portrait

portrait - German to English


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  • head shot [portrait]

Sentence Examples with the word portrait

His portrait by Raeburn is the property of Glasgow University, and in the National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, there is a good medallion by Tassie, taken in his eighty-first year.

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