What does portability mean?

portability meaning in General Dictionary

the grade of becoming light adequate to be carried

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  • the standard or condition of being lightweight physical fitness to be carried
  • the high quality or condition to be lightweight; fitness to be carried.

portability meaning in Finance Dictionary

the capability of a member of staff to retain benefits, such as for instance a pension or insurance coverage, when switching tasks. In addition refers to home financing that can be transmitted from property to another.

portability meaning in Law Dictionary

their education that any software package could be performed on various software or equipment platforms. Generally speaking, computer software that has been written with Java once the primary program coding language has the ability to be portable. Or, portability also can mean to transfer a pursuit, correct or take advantage of one situation to another.

portability meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Ability of a software to run (with little to no or no modification) on different equipment and/or computer software platforms, or assist various versions of the same equipment or program. As a whole, pc software written in Java has this capability. 2. Capability to carry a benefit, interest, or right (such as retirement advantages) from one environment (such as a pension plan) to some other.

Sentence Examples with the word portability

This instrument was made with a pendulum weight of I loo kilos or over a ton; and with a modified construction the weight was increased to 17,000 kilos or nearly 19 tons, portability being obtained by replacing the solid pendulum of the smaller instrument by a shell which can be filled with barytes, a heavy mineral readily obtainable in most places.

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