What does plumage mean?

plumage meaning in General Dictionary

the light horny waterproof construction developing the outside covering of wild birds

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  • The entire clothing of a bird
  • The entire garments of a bird.

plumage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "feathers," from Old French plumage "plumage, appearance" (14c.), from plume (see plume (n.)).

plumage meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

the definition of for the feathers on a fowl bird

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Sentence Examples with the word plumage

The variegated plumage of the Snipe is subject to no inconsiderable variation, especially in the extent of dark markings on the belly, flanks, and axillaries, while examples are occasionally seen in which no trace of white, and hardly any of buff or grey, is visible, the place of these tints being taken by several shades of chocolate-brown.

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