What does pipa mean?

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type genus regarding the Pipidae

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  • The Surinam toad Pipa Americana noted because of its unusual reproduction practices
  • The Surinam toad (Pipa Americana), noted because of its peculiar reproduction practices.

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  • sunflower seed
  • pipe [for smoking]

pipa - German to English

pi-pa [Chinese stringed instrument resembling a lute]

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  • pipa [Chinese stringed tool resembling a lute]

Sentence Examples with the word pipa

It may be said that, on the whole, the distribution of the batrachians agrees to some extent with that of fresh-water fishes, except for the much less marked affinity between South America and Africa, although even among the former we have the striking example of the distribution of the very natural group of the aglossal batrachians, represented by Pipa in South America and by Xenopus and Hymenochirus in Africa.

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