What does phylogeny mean?

phylogeny meaning in General Dictionary

(biology) the sequence of occasions mixed up in evolutionary growth of a species or taxonomic selection of organisms

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  • the real history of genealogical development; the race reputation for an animal or vegetable type; the historical exolution associated with the phylon or tribe, in difference from ontogeny, or perhaps the growth of the individual organism, and from biogenesis, or life development typically.

phylogeny meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"genesis and advancement of a phylum," 1869, from German Phylogenie, coined 1866 by German biologist Ernst Heinrich Haeckel (1834-1919) from Greek phylon "race" (see phylo-) + -geneia "origin," from -genes "born" (see genus). Related: Phylogenic.

phylogeny meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The history of a species as pertaining to its development

Sentence Examples with the word phylogeny

If we admit that the larva has, in the phylogeny of insects, gradually diverged from the imago, and if we recollect that in the ontogeny the larva has always to become the imago (and of course still does so) notwithstanding the increased difficulty of the transformation, we cannot but recognize that a period of helplessness in which the transformation may take place is to be expected.

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