What does pewee mean?

pewee meaning in General Dictionary

little olive-colored woodland flycatchers of east the united states

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  • A common American tyrant flycatcher Sayornis phoeligbe or Sayornis fuscus labeled as additionally pewit and phoeligbe
  • a typical American tyrant flycatcher (Sayornis phoebe, or S. fuscus). Called also pewit, and phoebe.
  • The woodcock.

pewee meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"flycatcher, lapwing," 1810, variation of pewit (q.v.). See additionally peewee.

Sentence Examples with the word pewee

There were some slight flurries of snow during the days that I worked there; but for the most part when I came out on to the railroad, on my way home, its yellow sand heap stretched away gleaming in the hazy atmosphere, and the rails shone in the spring sun, and I heard the lark and pewee and other birds already come to commence another year with us.

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