What does perturbation mean?

perturbation meaning in General Dictionary

an unhappy and worried mental state

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  • (physics) a secondary impact on something that creates it to deviate a little
  • task this is certainly a malfunction, intrusion, or interruption
  • a personality which puzzled or stressed and annoyed
  • the work of causing disorder
  • The work of perturbing or the condition to be perturbed esp agitation of head
  • The work of perturbing, or even the condition of being perturbed; esp., agitation of head.
  • a disturbance when you look at the regular elliptic or any other movement of a heavenly body, produced by some power extra compared to that which causes its regular motion; as, the perturbations of the planets are brought on by their particular destination on each various other.

perturbation meaning in Law Dictionary

into the English ecclesiastical courts, a "suit for perturbation of seat" could be the technical title for an action developing out of a disturbance or infringement of one's straight to a pew or seat in a church. 2 Pbillim. Ecc. Legislation, 1813.

perturbation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., from Old French perturbacion "disturbance, confusion" (14c.) and right from Latin perturbationem (nominative perturbatio) "confusion, condition, disruption," noun of activity from previous participle stem of perturbare (see perturb).

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Sentence Examples with the word perturbation

When they had been announced a perturbation was noticeable among the servants.

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