What does personal service mean?

personal service meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. delivering a summons, problem, notice to stop tenancy or any other appropriate document which should be offered by handing it directly to anyone named inside document. Private solution is distinguished from "constructive service," including posting the notice then mailing a duplicate or publishing a summons on one the judge has discovered is hiding in order to prevent service, and from "substituted solution," that will be offering the document to another person (another citizen, a secretary or front desk staff, or any other responsible person) at address.

personal service meaning in Law Dictionary

ny work done by hand or intellectually, by a provider of services.

personal service meaning in Business Dictionary

Intellectual or manual work performed by something supplier in providing a customer.

Sentence Examples with the word personal service

The notion of holding land of the king became more prominent than the notion of personal service done to the king; but, as the land was held by the tenure of personal service, the actual relation hardly changed.

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