What does peritoneum mean?

peritoneum meaning in General Dictionary

a clear membrane layer that lines the abdominal cavity in animals and covers all of the viscera

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  • The smooth serous membrane layer which lines the cavity of stomach or the entire body hole if you find no diaphragm and turning back encompasses the viscera forming a closed or nearly shut sac
  • The smooth serous membrane layer which lines the hole of the abdomen, or the body cavity when there is no diaphragm, and, turning right back, surrounds the viscera, forming a shut, or nearly closed, sac.

peritoneum meaning in Medical Dictionary

The membrane layer that lines the stomach hole and addresses almost all of the stomach organs.

peritoneum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., from belated Latin peritonaeum, from Greek peritonaion "abdominal membrane," actually "part stretched over," noun utilization of neuter of peritonaios "stretched more than," from peri- "around" (see peri-) + teinein "to extend" (see tenet). Associated: Peritoneal.

peritoneum meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The membrane that covers the wall surface associated with stomach and pelvic area

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Sentence Examples with the word peritoneum

The superior surface is in contact with the diaphragm, but has peritoneum between (see Coelom And Serous Membranes).

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