What does peony mean?

peony meaning in General Dictionary

some of many plants widely developed due to their showy solitary or dual red or green or white plants

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  • A plant as well as its flower regarding the ranunculaceous genus Paeligonia regarding the four to five types you're a shrub the remainder are perennial natural herbs with showy flowers usually dual in cultivation
  • A plant, as well as its rose, regarding the ranunculaceous genus Paeonia. Of 4 or 5 types, you're a shrub; the others are perennial natural herbs with showy plants, often two fold in cultivation.

peony meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

peony meaning in Etymology Dictionary

a 16c. merger of Middle English pyony (from Old English peonie) and Old North French pione (contemporary French pivoine), both from belated Latin peonia, from Latin p

Sentence Examples with the word peony

Shibuichi inlaid with shakudo used to be the commonest combination of metals in this class of decoration, and the objects usually depicted were bamboos, crows, wild-fowl under the moon, peony sprays and so forth.

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