What does peek mean?

peek meaning in General Dictionary

throw a look into; take a brief glance at

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  • a secret look
  • to check surreptitiously or with all the eyes half-closed or through a crevice to peep
  • to check slyly, or utilizing the eyes half closed, or through a crevice; to peep.

peek meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., piken "look quickly and slyly," of unidentified origin. The words peek, keek, and peep all were used with additional or less exactly the same meaning 14c.-15c.; perhaps the ultimate supply was center Dutch kieken. Relevant: Peeked; peeking.

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  • "a peek, glance," 1844, from peek (v.).

peek meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Peek is a feature introduced in Windows 7 that enables the user to see their desktop by placing (and never clicking) their mouse on the Show Desktop symbol.

Sentence Examples with the word peek

A peek into the former vamp's mind revealed that two of Damian's sisters-in-law had managed to turn a full vamp back into a disgruntled Natural.

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