What does pedestrian mean?

pedestrian meaning in General Dictionary

lacking wit or imagination

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  • someone who travels on foot
  • taking place base done by foot as a pedestrian journey
  • A walker one that journeys by foot a foot traveler specif a specialist walker or runner
  • Going on base; done by foot; as, a pedestrian trip.
  • A walker; one who journeys by foot; a foot tourist; specif., an expert walker or runner.

pedestrian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1716, "prosaic, dull" (of writing), from Latin pedester (genitive pedestris) "plain, maybe not versified, prosaic," virtually "on foot" (good sense contrasted with equester "on horseback"), from pedes "one just who goes on foot," from pes (genitive pedis) "foot" (see base (n.)). Indicating "going by walking" is first attested 1791 in English (in addition ended up being a sense of Latin pedester). The earlier adjective in English was pedestrial (1610s).

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  • "walker," 1793, from pedestrian (adj.).

Sentence Examples with the word pedestrian

Latrobe, The Alpenstock (1829) and The Pedestrian (1832); J.

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