What does peccant mean?

peccant meaning in General Dictionary

prone to sin

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  • Sinning accountable of transgression criminal as peccant angels
  • An offender
  • Sinning; bad of transgression; unlawful; because, peccant angels.
  • Morbid; corrupt; because, peccant humors.
  • Wrong; defective; defective.
  • An offender.

peccant meaning in Medical Dictionary

Unhealthy. Causing illness or illness.

peccant meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from Latin peccantem (nominative pecans) "sinful," current participle of peccare "to sin" (see peccadillo). As a noun from 1620s. Relevant: Peccancy.

Sentence Examples with the word peccant

At any rate, if relevance in proximo is interpolated in the peccant clause of the canon of the Joint-Method, the practical utility of the method is rehabilitated.

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