What does pave mean?

pave meaning in General Dictionary

address with a material eg rock or concrete to help make suited to car traffic

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  • a setting with valuable rocks therefore closely set that no steel shows
  • To set or protect with rock brick or other product to be able to make a firm amount or convenient surface for cars ponies carriages or persons on foot to travel onto flooring with brick rock or other solid product concerning pave a street to pave a court
  • The pavement.
  • To set or protect with rock, stone, or other material, therefore as to make a company, level, or convenient surface for horses, carriages, or persons on foot, traveling on; to flooring with brick, rock, or any other solid product; since, to pave a road; to pave a court.
  • Fig.: which will make smooth, simple, and safe; to organize, as a road or way; as, to pave the best way to marketing; to pave the way for an enterprise.

pave meaning in Law Dictionary

To pave is to protect with rocks or brick, or any other appropriate product, to be able to make an amount or convenient area for ponies, carriages, or foot-passengers, and a sidewalk is paved if it is set or flagged with level rocks, and whenever paved with stone, as is often done. In re Phillips, 00 N. Y. 22; Ruell v. Ball, 20 Iowa, 282; Harrisburg v. Segelbaum, 151 Pa. 172, 24 Atl. 1070, 20 L. R. A. S34.

pave meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 14c., "to pay for (a street) with stones or any other product," from Old French paver "to pave" (12c.), maybe a back-formation from Old French pavement or else from Vulgar Latin *pavare, from Latin pavire "to conquer, ram, tread down," from PIE *pau- "to reduce, strike, stamp" (cognates: Latin putare "to prune;" Greek paiein "to strike;" Lithuanian piauju "to reduce," piuklas "saw"). Associated: Paved; paving. The figurative sense of "make smooth" (such as pave how) is attested from 1580s.

pave meaning in Cooking Dictionary

[French] cool savory mousse mixture occur a square mildew covered with aspic jelly; square sponge cake, filled up with butter lotion and covered with icing.

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Sentence Examples with the word pave

The inclusion of the Transvaal in the South Africa customs union), had endeavoured to pave the way for federation.

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