What does patina mean?

patina meaning in General Dictionary

a gloss or sheen on wood furnishings from age, polishing, or managing

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  • an acquired improvement in the appearance of some thing (aside from wood or metal)
  • a superb layer of oxide (created by oxidation over a lengthy duration) at first glance of a metal (specially copper)
  • A dish or bowl of metal or earthenware a patella
  • A dish or full bowl of steel or earthenware; a patella.
  • colour or incrustation which age gives to artwork; specifically, the green rust which takes care of old bronzes, coins, and medals.

patina meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"greenish film on old bronze," 1748, from French patine (18c.), from Italian patina, possibly from Latin patina "dish, pan" (see pan (letter.)), regarding the notion of encrustation on old bronze meals. Sense of "refinement, social sophistication" first recorded 1933.

patina - German to English


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  • verdigris

Sentence Examples with the word patina

They may be said to possess a series of bronzes, in which gold and silver replace tin and zinc, all these alloys being characterized by patina having a wonderful range of tint.

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