What does palm sunday mean?

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Sunday before Easter

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  • The Sunday after that before Easter so named in commemoration of triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem as soon as the plethora strewed palm branches in the way The event is commemorated in Christian churches by distribution of blessed hand renders
  • The Sunday after that before Easter; -- so called in commemoration of your Savior's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, whenever wide variety strewed hand limbs in the manner.

Sentence Examples with the word palm sunday

On Palm Sunday 1282, in a time of peace, David suddenly attacked and burnt Hawarden Castle, whereupon all Wales was up in arms. Edward, greatly angered and now bent on putting an end for ever to the independence of the Principality, hastened into Wales; but whilst the king was campaigning in Gwynedd, Prince Llewelyn himself was slain in an obscure skirmish on the 11th of December 1282 at Cefn-ybedd, near Builth on the Wye, whither he had gone to rouse the people of Brycheiniog.

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