What does pali mean?

pali meaning in General Dictionary

an ancient Prakrit language (produced from Sanskrit) this is the scriptural and liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism

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  • pl of Palus
  • A dialect descended from Sanskrit and that way a-dead language except when utilized as the sacred language associated with Buddhist religion in Farther India etc
  • pl. of Palus.
  • A dialect descended from Sanskrit, and that way, a dead language, except when made use of given that sacred language for the Buddhist religion in Farther Asia, an such like.
  • of Palus

pali meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1690s, Middle High Indian dialect used in sacred Buddhist writings (the lingua franca of north India from c. 6c. B.C.E.-2c. B.C.E.), from Sanskrit Pali, from pali bhasa "language associated with canonical books," from pali "line, part, canon" + bhasa "language."

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  • (Palestinian) keffiyeh

Sentence Examples with the word pali

A very excellent edition of the twentyseven canonical books has been recently printed there, and there exist in our European libraries a number of Pali MSS.

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