What does oversight mean?

oversight meaning in General Dictionary

an unintentional omission resulting from failure to note something

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  • administration by overseeing the performance or procedure of someone or team
  • a mistake caused by inattention
  • Watchful treatment superintendence basic direction
  • Watchful attention; superintendence; basic supervision.
  • An overlooking; an omission; a mistake.
  • Escape from an overlooked peril.

oversight meaning in Urban Dictionary

Managerial term familiar with descibed a fuck up commited by themselves

oversight meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"direction," early 14c., from over- + sight. Indicating "omission of notice, reality of moving over without witnessing" attested from belated 15c.; compare oversee.

oversight meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Watchful treatment; superintendence; basic supervision.

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  • (letter.) An overlooking; an omission; an error.
  • (letter.) getting away from an overlooked peril.

Sentence Examples with the word oversight

He named one hundred preachers who after his death were to meet once a year, fill up vacancies in their number, appoint a president and secretary, station the preachers, admit proper persons into the ministry, and take general oversight of the societies.

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