What does output mean?

output meaning in General Dictionary

to produce or produce a specific amount

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  • the quantity of one thing (as a commodity) that is produced (usually within certain time frame)
  • sign that comes away from an electronic system
  • what is stated in confirmed time frame
  • last product; those things produced
  • production of a specific amount
  • extent or volume of a material or product which is from a mine factory or any system for production of commercial goods including the amount of coal or ore put-out from 1 or maybe more mines and/or number of material created by or proved from one or even more furnaces or mills in certain time manufacturing
  • the total amount of coal or ore create in one or even more mines, or perhaps the level of material from, or turned out from, one or more furnaces or mills, in certain time.
  • whatever is thrown out as services and products of the metabolic activity associated with the human anatomy; the egesta other than the faeces. See Income.

output meaning in Economics Dictionary

The fresh fruit of financial activity: whatever is created by utilizing the POINTS OF PRODUCTION.

output meaning in Law Dictionary

1. items, solutions, work or energy which generated by a business, device or person in confirmed period. 2. Computing: Information ideal for transmission from a pc to exterior devices; transferring data from internal storage to additional news. 3. Contracting: The intended results of a project or contracted work.

output meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1839, from out + place (v.). Till c.1880, a technical term when you look at the iron and coal trade [OED]. The verb is attested from mid-14c., initially "to expel;" indicating "to create" is from 1858.

output meaning in Business Dictionary

1. The quantity of power, work, goods, or solutions made by a device, factory, organization, or someone in a period of time. 2. Processing: A result created by a pc which interior into the system (from one system or procedure to a different) or exterior to it (from an application or process to a result device) but internal to a result product (modem, monitor, printer, etc.). 3. Contracting: The desired be a consequence of a project or contractor.

output meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Any information that's been processed by and sent out from a pc or comparable unit is regarded as production. A straightforward illustration of result is what you look at your computer or laptop monitor. The underside 50 % of the image shows data being delivered through the computer to a printer. That data is after that imprinted onto an item of report; both tend to be types of production.

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output meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

information created by a computer is known as output. This consists of data produced at a software degree, including the result of a calculation, or at a physical amount, eg a printed document. A basic example of software result is a calculator system that creates the result of a mathematical operation. A far more complex instance may be the outcomes from search engines, which compares keywords to millions of pages with its Web page list. Devices that produce physical result from the computer tend to be creatively known as result devices. Many commonly used output device is the computer system's monitor, which displays information on a screen. Products including the printer and computer system speakers are various other typical production devices. The contrary of production is input, that is information this is certainly registered to the computer. Input and result devices are collectively known as I/O devices.

output meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The actual quantity of coal or ore put-out from one or more mines, and/or volume of product from, or turned-out from, several furnaces or mills, in confirmed time.

Sentence Examples with the word output

The mines, however, are situated too far from the coast to permit of serious competition with Newcastle in an export trade, and the output is practically restricted to supplying local requirements.

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