What does our mean?

our meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English ure "people," genitive plural associated with very first person pronoun, from Proto-Germanic *ons (cognates: Old Saxon american, Old Frisian usage, Old High German unsar, German unser, Gothic unsar "our"), from PIE *nes-, oblique situation of individual pronoun in very first person plural (supply of Latin nos "we," noster "our"). Additionally compare ours. Ourselves (belated 15c.), modeled on yourselves, replaced initial building we selfe, us selfum, etc.

our meaning in General Dictionary

Of or regarding united states belonging to us as our country our liberties our soldiers our endeavors See we

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  • See or
  • of I
  • Of or with respect to us; belonging to united states; since, our nation; our liberties; our soldiers; our endeavors. See I.

our meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of we

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Bearing on our knowledge of ornithology will be most conveniently treated here.

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