What does ormazd mean?

ormazd meaning in General Dictionary

main deity of Zoroastrianism; supply of light and embodiment of great

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  • The supreme deity the embodiment regarding the principle of great creator of the world supply of light and guardian of humanity he's the opponent of Ahriman the spirit of wicked both becoming sprung from Eternity or relating to another variation Ahriman being the offspring of a moment of doubt on the part of Ormazd Ormazd is attended by angels and archangels He is represented as a bearded man inclosed in a winged circle a conception probably based on the Assyrian representations of Ashur

ormazd meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(New Persian) identical to Ahura Mazdah (q.v.), the good principle in Zoroastrianism, and against Ahriman (q.v.). -- K.F.L.

Sentence Examples with the word ormazd

According to later legend (Vd., 2, I), Ormazd at first wished to entrust this task to Yima (Jemshid), the ideal of an Iranian king.

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