What does originator mean?

originator meaning in General Dictionary

an individual who produces new stuff

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  • a person who originates
  • person who originates.

originator meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. a slang term for a homosexual.2. Someone who sucks a guy's penis.3. A tremendously stupid person.4. A grown-up which plays games because he or she dosn't have a real life.

originator meaning in Law Dictionary

This company writes loans for multifamily / commercial properties.

originator meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1818, broker noun in Latin kind from originate.

originator meaning in Business Dictionary

A company that underwrites loans for commercial and/or multi-family properties.

originator meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A person who originates.

Sentence Examples with the word originator

This and other applications of the science of nature to the science of all being induced the commentators to adopt this order, and entitle the science of being the Sequel to the Physics (re, But Aristotle knew nothing of this title, the first known use of which was by Nicolaus Damascenus, a younger contemporary of Andronicus, the editor of the Aristotelian writings, and Andronicus was probably the originator of the title, and of the order.

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