What does orgiastic mean?

orgiastic meaning in General Dictionary

utilized of frenzied intercourse

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  • used of riotously drunken merrymaking
  • with respect to or associated with the nature of orgies
  • with respect to, or of this nature of, orgies.

orgiastic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1690s, from Greek orgiastikos "fit for orgies, interesting," from orgiastes "one who celebrates orgies," from orgiazein "to celebrate orgies," from orgia (see orgy).

orgiastic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) regarding, or of the nature of, orgies.

Sentence Examples with the word orgiastic

He was confused with Pan, Sabazios, Men and Adonis, and there were resemblances between the orgiastic features of his worship and that of Dionysus.

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