What does optimum mean?

optimum meaning in General Dictionary

perfect feasible under a restriction expressed or suggested

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  • many favorable problems or greatest degree or quantity possible under offered circumstances
  • Best possible or most desirable typically under a limitation expressed or suggested as a maximum return on money optimum focus of a medication a maximum result
  • the absolute most favorable condition greatest degree or biggest amount feasible under given situations

optimum meaning in Economics Dictionary

As good as it gets, given the constraints you're operating within. The notion of optimum to indicate something, there should be both a target, say, to maximise financial WELFARE, and a collection of limitations, such as an available stock of scarce financial resources. Optimising is the process of performing best you can easily in the conditions.

optimum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1879, from Latin optimum, neuter singular of optimus "best" (used as a superlative of bonus "good"), probably associated with ops "power, sources" (whereby the advancement is from "richest" to "the most esteemed," therefore from PIE root *op- "to get results") or even ob "in front of," with superlative suffix *-tumos. Originally in biology, in mention of the "circumstances many positive" (for development, etc.). As an adjective from 1885.

optimum meaning in Business Dictionary

the most useful result originating from a specific group of circumstances

optimum - German to English


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  • optimum
  • maximum price

Sentence Examples with the word optimum

In greenhouses where plants requiring very different optimum temperatures and illumination are kept together.

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