What does optimism mean?

optimism meaning in General Dictionary

an over-all disposition to anticipate the most effective in most things

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  • the positive feeling that every will probably come out well
  • The viewpoint or doctrine that every little thing in general, becoming the job of Jesus, is bought for the greatest, or that the ordering of things in the universe is particularly to produce the best good.
  • A disposition to use the most hopeful view; -- compared to pessimism.

optimism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1759 (in translations of Voltaire), from French optimisme (1737), from Modern Latin optimum, employed by Gottfried Leibniz (in "Th

optimism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. optimus, the very best) the scene motivated by wishful reasoning, success, belief, or philosophic representation, your world whilst is present just isn't so incredibly bad or even the best possible, life is great, and people's future is brilliant. Philosophically most persuasively propounded by Leibniz inside the Theodicee, relating to which Jesus inside the knowledge will have produced a better globe had he understood or willed such a one to occur. Not really he could eliminate moral incorrect and wicked unless he ruined the effectiveness of self-determination and hence the basis of morality. All systems of ethics that recognize a supreme good (Plato and many idealists), donate to the doctrines of progressivism (Turgot, Herder, Comte, as well as others), respect evil as a fragmentary view (Josiah Royce et al.) or illusory, or rely on indemnification (Henry David Thoreau) or melioration (Emerson), are likely optimistically. Practically all theologies advocating a plan of creation and salvation, tend to be positive though they generate the good or the better influenced by ethical work, right thinking, or belief, promising it in another presence. Metaphysical conjecture is optimistic if it offers for brilliance, advancement to anything higher, much more important, or tends to make area for harmonies or a teleology. See Pessimism. -- K.F.L.

optimism meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The opinion or doctrine that every thing in the wild, being the job of God, is ordered for top level, or that the ordering of things within the universe is like to make the best great.

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  • (n.) A disposition to take the many optimistic view; -- in opposition to pessimism.

Sentence Examples with the word optimism

His fatal optimism rendered him largely responsible for the collapse of Egyptian credit which brought about the fall of Ismail.

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