What does operator mean?

operator meaning in General Dictionary

(math) symbolic or purpose representing a mathematical operation

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  • a speculator just who trades aggressively on stock or commodity areas
  • an individual who is the owner of or operates a company
  • an agent that operates some apparatus or machine
  • a shrewd or unscrupulous person who is able to circumvent troubles
  • a person who or whatever functions or produces a result
  • a person who, or that which, runs or creates an effect.
  • a person who performs some do something about your body in the form of the hand, or with devices.
  • A dealer in shares or any commodity for speculative functions; a speculator.
  • The symbol that expresses the operation become performed; -- labeled as in addition facient.

operator meaning in Insurance Dictionary

the business with the right, either by ownership or by virtue of a mineral rent, to make oil and gas from a certain really. The operator functions as the entire manager and decision-maker of a drilling task. Providers routinely have the biggest financial stake in task.

operator meaning in Law Dictionary

1. Any person or a computer device that permits another unit to work. 2. A function used in math, generally given a symbol (such + or -). 3. In telecoms, someone might phone an operator when experiencing dilemmas connecting with a particular number or even for information.

operator meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "one whom performs mechanical or medical businesses," representative noun from operate (v.) or from Late Latin operator. Meaning "one who carries on company shrewdly" is from 1828. Certain sense of "one just who works a telephone switchboard" (1884) expanded off early in the day definition "one just who works a telegraph" (1847).

operator meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Person or product which makes another device function or functional. A semiconductor in a circuit-board is an operator enabling the circuit-board to work for example. 2. A particular mathematical function denoted by emblematic. Including, mathematical operators like the advantage expression (+) or minus symbol (-) program what you should do to items of information. 3. In telecommunications, an operator is somebody who you might call for information, to get in touch to an intended phone number, or whenever encountering difficulties in connecting on intended celebration.

operator - German to English

device operator

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  • operator
  • operator

operator meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One that, or whatever, runs or creates an effect.

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  • (letter.) One who carries out some do something about our body in the form of the hand, or with tools.
  • (letter.) A dealer in shares or any product for speculative reasons; a speculator.
  • (n.) The icon that expresses the operation become carried out; -- labeled as additionally facient.

Sentence Examples with the word operator

In the end, the speed at which a human operator can move has a physical limit.

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