What does ol mean?

ol meaning in Names Dictionary

Legendary son of Olwydd.
Name Origin: Welsh
Name Gender: Male

ol meaning in Chat Slang Dictionary

old lady

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  • internet based

ol meaning in General Dictionary

A suffix denoting that material inside name of which it seems is one of the group of alcohols or hydroxyl derivatives as ethanol carbinol phenol glycerol etc Such compounds retain the hydroxy radical OH

ol - German to English


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  • oil on hardboard
  • oil on fabric
  • low-viscosity oil
  • oil

Sentence Examples with the word ol

The ease with which he had subdued the realm misled him; he fancied that the slack resistance, which was mainly due to the incapacity and unpopularity of Baliol, implied the indifference of the Scots to the idea ol annexation.

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