What does occident mean?

occident meaning in General Dictionary

the hemisphere that features North America and south usa

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  • the nations of (originally) European countries and (now including) united states and south usa
  • The an element of the horizon in which the sunlight last appears at night that part of the earth towards the sunset the western against orient especially in previous times Europe as opposed to Asia now additionally the Western hemisphere
  • The area of the horizon where in actuality the sun last appears when you look at the evening; that an element of the planet towards the sunset; the western; -- against orient. Particularly, in previous times, Europe as opposed to Asia; now, additionally, the Western hemisphere.

occident meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "western part" (associated with the heavens or earth), from Old French occident (12c.) or right from Latin occidentem (nominative occidens) "western sky, sunset, an element of the sky where sunlight establishes," noun use of adjective meaning "environment," from current participle of occidere "fall down, go-down" (see occasion (n.)).

occident meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The an element of the horizon where in actuality the sunlight final appears later in the day; that area of the planet to the sunset; the western; -- in opposition to orient. Especially, in former times, European countries as opposed to Asia; today, additionally, the Western hemisphere.

Sentence Examples with the word occident

As for faience and pottery, howeverr the Chinese despised them in all forms, with one notable exception, the yi-hsing-yao, known in the Occident as boccaro.

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