What does nutriment mean?

nutriment meaning in General Dictionary

a source of products to nourish the body

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  • whatever nourishes; any such thing which promotes growth and repairs the all-natural waste of pet or vegetable life; food; aliment.
  • what encourages development or development.

nutriment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Latin nutrimentum "nourishment; assistance," from nutrire "to nourish, suckle, feed," from PIE *nu-tri-, from root *(s)nau- "to swim, movement, allow movement," thus "to suckle" (cognates: Sanskrit snauti "she drips, offers milk;" Greek nan "I flow"), extended form of root *sna- "to swim" (see natatorium).

nutriment meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Any healthy material found in food

nutriment meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) That which nourishes; anything which encourages development and fixes the normal waste of pet or vegetable life; food; aliment.

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  • (n.) That which promotes development or development.

Sentence Examples with the word nutriment

Thus a very strong heart, although it may be useful to its possessor for many years, driving the blood rapidly through the vessels, and supplying all his tissues with such abundant nutriment as to enable him to endure great exertion, mental or bodily, may in the end cause death by bursting a vessel in the brain, which might have resisted the pressure of a feebler circulation for years longer.

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