What does normative mean?

normative meaning in General Dictionary

associated with or working with norms

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  • regarding offering directives or rules
  • regarding or working with norms as normative discipline normative samples

normative meaning in Law Dictionary

evaluative rather a descriptive strategy used to figure out the degree of conformity towards standard norms or guidelines. For instance, normative information is used to understand the underlying phenomenon in place of to just explain it.

normative meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1880, maybe from French normatif, from Latin norma "rule" (see regular).

normative meaning in Business Dictionary

complying to a typical of correctness through recommended norms, guidelines, or suggestions, as opposed to mere information or statement of facts; evaluative, not descriptive. For instance, normative information is gathered not only to spell it out ("Understanding this?") but to know ("what is happening?") the underlying trend.

normative meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. normatus, pp. of normo, square) Constituting a typical; regulative. Having to do with a proven perfect. In medical technique: regarding those sciences which have subject-matters containing values, and which create norms or principles of conduct, such as for example ethics, aesthetics, politics. The perfect formula of any technology. Opposite of empirical. -- J.K.F.

Sentence Examples with the word normative

Subsidiary to metaphysics, as the central inquiry, stand the sciences of logic and ethics, to which may be added aesthetics, constituting three normative sciences - sciences, that is, which do not, primarily, describe facts, but rather prescribe ends or set forth ideals.

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