What does nonagenarian mean?

nonagenarian meaning in General Dictionary

being from 90 to 99 years old

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  • some one whose age is in the 1990s
  • one ninety years of age
  • someone ninety yrs old.

nonagenarian meaning in Medical Dictionary

Someone in his or her ninties, this is certainly, between 90 and 99 years. See also: Age by decade.

nonagenarian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1776, coined in English with -an + Latin nonagenarius "containing ninety" (in belated Latin "some one ninety yrs old"), from nonagen "ninety each," regarding nonaginta "the amount ninety," from nonus "ninth" (see nones) + -genaria "ten times," from PIE *dkm-ta-, from *dekm- "ten" (see ten). As an adjective from 1893.

nonagenarian meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Someone ninety yrs old.

Sentence Examples with the word nonagenarian

So does a magnificent drawing of a head of a nonagenarian with a flowing beard who sat to him at Antwerp, together with a picture from the same head in the character of St Jerome; the drawing is now at Vienna, the picture at Lisbon.

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