What does nitre mean?

nitre meaning in General Dictionary

(KNO3) used specially as a fertilizer and volatile

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  • See Niter
  • A white crystalline semitransparent salt; potassium nitrate; saltpeter. See Saltpeter.
  • local sodium carbonate; natron.
  • See Niter.

nitre meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "native salt carbonate," from Old French nitre (13c.), from Latin nitrum, from Greek nitron, that is possibly of east origin (compare Hebrew nether "carbonate of soft drink;" Egyptian ntr). Initially a word for native soft drink, but in addition associated from dark ages with saltpeter (potassium nitrate) for obscure explanations; this became the predominant feeling by late 16c.

nitre meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Native sodium carbonate; natron.

Sentence Examples with the word nitre

Although this method appears more troublesome, it allows the amount of nitre to be more easily and more accurately regulated.

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