What does nee mean?

nee meaning in General Dictionary

(meaning actually `born') used to show the maiden or family members name of a married woman

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  • created; -- a phrase sometimes utilized in introducing the name of family that a hitched lady belongs by delivery; as, Madame de Stael, nee Necker.

nee meaning in Law Dictionary

a term regularly indicate the woman name before she had been married. Its French word for formerly known as.

nee meaning in Etymology Dictionary

introducing the maiden title of a married girl, 1758, from French letter

nee meaning in General Dictionary

(p. p., fem.) Produced; -- a phrase occasionally used in launching title regarding the family members to which a married lady belongs by birth; as, Madame de Stael, nee Necker.

Sentence Examples with the word nee

His wife Therese, nee Freiin von DrosteHi lshoff, was joint-author with him of Walhall, Germanische Gutter and Heldensagen (Leipzig, 1898).

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